June 28, 2020 Best budget smartphone 2020

Best budget smartphone 2020

The best cheap phone is a title that’s hotly fought for, in fact, the bottom end of the smartphone market is arguably the most competitive, with manufacturers doing all they can to squeeze in more specs and features than rivals, while keeping costs low.

So there are a lot of options to choose from, but unlike the top end of the market, where even the worst handsets are usually reasonable, there are some truly terrible budget phones, as getting the balance between price, performance and features right can prove tricky.

That’s where this list comes in. We’ve created a guide to phones that aren’t just cheap, but also great for what they cost. And they really are all very affordable, as we’re using a £200 price tag as the rough cut-off point.

  1. Oppo. A83.
  2. Xiaomi. Redmi 6.
  3. Oppo. A3s.
  4. Samsung. Galaxy A10s.
  5. Lenovo. Phab Plus.
  6. Meizu. M3 Note.
  7. Nokia.
  8. HTC. One S9.

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